At EnerPlastics we believe employees are our strength and thus do all we can to provide a safe and healthy environment for its people and community at large. We make sure manufacturing is conducted in such an environment that no harm is done to our employees or environment. We have a robust system and resources in place to ensure compliance with Dubai and UAE laws and regulations and beyond,  by providing essential training to its personnel and benchmark it to an international standard.

Our Health, Safety and Environment Induction policy covers the most common areas of concern in relation to occupational health, safety and the environment. The purpose of this program is to familiarize staff with their area of work, emergency procedures, location of emergency equipment, assembly points and safety rules.

All HSE related incidents such as injuries, hazards and near misses that occur at EnerPlastics LLC are reported. This includes any incident that results in:

  • Injury or illness to a person
  • Instances of unsafe work practice
  • Hazardous situations or near misses
  • Damage to property and the environment
  • Allegations of unacceptable behavior

EnerPlastics Incident Report must be lodged and staff is required to assist in an investigation of the incident.

Emergency Procedures outline what to do in a variety of emergencies, as well as providing emergency contact numbers. This includes evacuation plans, local assembly areas, emergency exits and emergency equipment.

In the event of an emergency such as a fire, explosion or other serious incident, staff will hear the alert alarm/evacuation alarm and will be directed to evacuate to the assembly area until otherwise notified. They may not re-enter the building until authorized to do so by emergency services.

All of our buildings are equipped with a variety of firefighting equipment such as hose reels and fire extinguishers. We have staff members that are trained in First Aid, across different departments, that are free to use fully equipped First Aid Kit Boxes with items as per the approved list of Dubai Municipality.

Smoking is not permitted inside any buildings. Smokers must ensure that they smoke at designated places allocated for it. EnerPlastics supports a healthy lifestyle and discourages staff from smoking.

EnerPlastics expects that its staff will not be impaired by the effects of drugs and or alcohol while working in the office and production areas. Therefore, use of alcohol during office hours is not permitted nor any of the employees is allowed to enter the premises under the influence of alcohol.

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