EnerPlastics business weaves innovation and cost-effectiveness into its wide framework of activities, thus integrating viable products, services and processes into its our scheme of things. In doing so, EnerPlastics is guided by the principles of environmental protection, sustainable development and welfare of the society as a whole. EnerPlastics strict adherence to environmental laws and international norms of behavior is the cornerstone of its eco-policies.

In its crusade against global warming, EnerPlastics strives to take an active role in reducing the carbon footprints. As a responsible corporate entity, EnerPlastics is focused on producing innovative and economically viable products, processes and services within its core business, a firm step in the direction of environmental protection, sustainable development and a safer planet for the coming generations.

Sustainable Products

Health, Safety & Enviroment

Commitment & Employees

EnerPlastics LLC was acknowledged by Dubai Cares in December 2015 for its contributions.


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