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Visitors Policy

Sammy Cabildo
08 December 21

Form No: DOC-12
Effective Date: 15.05.2015
Rev No: 5
Reviewed on: 16-11-2021
Reviewed by MR / HSE Officer

➢ Scope
– This policy applies to all employees. “Workplace visitors” may refer to employees’ friends and family (referred to as personal visitors) Clients, contractors, external vendors, auditors, stakeholders, etc., and the public.
– To protect the visitors, safety, and security of EP workplace and workforce, protect the confidentiality of company operations, avoid distractions and maintain safety standards.
– Allowing strangers to wander through company facilities will pose risks. Visitors can not only distract employees from their work and cause an accident but can also expose themselves to the danger of which they may not be aware. The company’s confidentiality may also be at risk.
➢ Responsibility:
EP employee (who is entertaining the visitor)
➢ Entry Timings: From Gate # 1: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
From Gate # 2: 24 hrs. Operation
In case of an emergency, all gates (1, 2 & 3) will be operational.
➢ Policy elements / Procedure:
Upon arrival:
The below-mentioned rules are to be strictly complied to:
• Visitors/contractors are not allowed inside the factory premises without prior approval from the Management (the relevant Department Head).

Any visitor/contractor who obtains approval from the EP Management:
• Will be issued a visitor’s badge from the security room to clearly distinguish him as a visitor.
• Visitors must have to show vaccination certificates/cards at the security gate to access the site. Without vaccination certificate/card entry to EP site will not be accessed.
• He/ She will be required to submit his Emirates ID/ EID number to the security guard at the security room. (Upon failure of submission of the ID/ EID, entry will be denied.)

• Visitor has to present his COVID 19 vaccination certificate/ COVID PCR test (valid for one week). If visitors do not have his/her PCR test report/ vaccination certificate, he/she will not be allowed to access the premises.
• Temperature screening will be done and all visitors will be required to wear a face mask, gloves & sanitize their hands before entering our facility. If the visitor does not have the required PPE’s, they will be provided.
• The screening should only take a couple of minutes. The visitor will be screened for flu-like symptoms, such as cough, fever or chills, or shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, and will not be able to visit the EP facility, if symptomatic.
• During working hours, the security team member will escort all visitors to the reception area and the receptionists will inform the relevant EP employee about the visitor & escort the visitor to the meeting room.
• After working hours, all visitors will be attended by the security guard at Gate # 1 and the guard will inform the relevant department.
• All visitors must be accompanied by an EP employee for guidance and to ensure unauthorized entry to the EP premises and unsafe areas.
• Visitors are only allowed during working hours. If need be, After-hours visitors must have written authorization from [Administration/Management.]
Social distancing and personal hygiene measures:
• All visitors are also expected to follow the 2 feet apart social distancing policy and must maintain a distance from the EP employees. If certain spaces or areas at the EP premises have limits on occupancy or are off-limits altogether, they will be notified to the visitors.
• All visitors MUST wear the Personal Protective Equipment (Face Masks, Gloves, Shoe Covers, etc.) provided to them, during the period they remain on the EP premises. If need be, Coveralls & hair nets will also have to be worn.
• Perform hand sanitization when entering the meeting room and upon leaving the meeting room.
• Practice cough & sneeze etiquette – Cough into your elbow or into a tissue (covering both your mouth and nose), not into your hands. Dispose of used tissues safely in the hazardous waste bin located at the reception/meeting rooms. Then wash your hands.
• During the period of the Pandemic and in order to ensure the health & safety of all, handshaking is also discouraged.
• Washrooms, pantries / common areas will be off-limits for all visitors, except in cases of emergencies.
• All visitors must follow the displayed signage in all areas.

After the visit:
• The EP employee will escort the visitor to the security team member at the exit gate.
• Proper sanitization/ disinfection of all the contact areas to be done after the visitors leave the EP premises
These guidelines are part of our measures to ensure the highest level of service, and a hygienic environment for the delivery of our products to you.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Flow chart

Flow Chart
Visitor/ Contractor
Obtain permission from relevant dept. Head
Entry from Gate # 1 or Gate # 2 according to prescribed timings
Temperature, Physical condition, and PPE checking by security guards. PCR Test/COVID 19 certificate will be shown at gate no 1
If the temperature check is fine, a vaccination certificate is available, Security Guard will give access to the visitor premises
Issuance of visitor badge and submission of Emirates ID at the gate/security room
The visitor will proceed to the reception area and the receptionist will inform the relevant department/employee
Visit EP premises/ Plant along with the EP employee. The Provided PPE must be worn by the visitor & frequent use of hand sanitization will be required.
If the visitor seems symptomatic/without vaccination/valid PCR test report, entry will be denied.

All visitors and contractors are required to maintain the recommended Social Distancing measures at the EP Premises
Submission of the visitors’ badge and return of the Emirates ID after the completion of the visit
Sanitization/disinfection of the visitor contact area to be done.
Submission of the visitors’ badge and return of the Emirates ID after the completion of the visit
Sanitization/disinfection of the visitor contact area to be done.
Meeting/ Plant tour to be conducted under the prescribed guidelines, with EP escort/employee

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