COF Testing

COF Testing

Coefficient of friction (COF) testing is used to determine the frictional characteristics of a plastic film and sheeting. It is generally determined to the ease by which two surfaces slide against each other. It is the maximum value of the frictional force divided by the normal force. A low COF indicates that the surfaces are smoother, e.g. less resistant to a sliding motion. A coefficient of friction (COF) provides a relative indication of frictional characteristics. Controlling COF gives processors the ability to optimize performance and avoid problems in forming, transporting, and storing of packages.

Slip/Antilsip/Antiblock Masterbatches are incorporated into polymer films to reduce their coefficient of friction (COF). Such COF reduction is important in packaging lines where the performance of the film in contact with rollers can be governed by the frictional characteristics of the film. COF is reported in two values: static: the force needed to begin movement, and kinetic: the force required to maintain movement.

Weathering Aging testing for Plastics
Enerplastics Advanced Lab provides accelerated ageing testing of plastics products. During their life time, plastics are exposed to all kinds of environmental impacts such as light, humidity and temperature. Our experts test the resistance of polymeric products against environmental impact, weathering, temperature, humidity, repeated sterilization or UV/ Xenon exposure. The polymer materials or products will be exposed under defined conditions to heat, UV, and other stress to determine its critical properties before and after exposure.

Different accelerated exposure tests may be used depending on product type and application. EnerPlastics advanced Laboratory is equipped with following weathering chamber

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